Wednesday, December 1, 2010


       without really getting into the details wizerds (working title, any other suggestions??) is a comic about me being stupid and dumb and not really knowing how to write.  other than that it is also about magic, dragons, enchanted forest creatures, giant rats, space-time continuums, worm holes, knights, black swamps, sorcerers, wizards, time wizards, voodoo wizards, etc. but mostly it's about friendship! actually no it's mostly about drugs and cheap jokes.
         Our heroes name is nellie.  she is sweet and means well however she can hardly ever do anything right because she a spaz and a fluff-head.   This is what she looked like when I started:

then I made this drawing that I h8:
but it made me realize that shorts would probably be a better choice then a long skirt (whatever, I still like long skirts) because Nellie is supposed to be very boyish looking:

 oh shizz, it's a turn around

TEASER!! the story begins when one night she drunkenly accidentally stumbles into a portal to another world:

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